What do I get when I buy hosting?

After you choose a package and press the buy now button you will be transfered to our online shop – BUY-PLANET.COM. After finalizing the purchase you will receive space on our server, where you can place your website and emails. We will send complete access for the hosting’s control panel (Cpanel) to the email you have provided us with, so you can carry out all operations that you need.

What is SSL protection?

This is a module installed on your hosting, which encrypts your communication providing privacy and data security.

Website transfer from one hosting to another

If your website is placed on another hosting and you want to transfer it to our servers, we can carry out this operation without loosing your emails, content or other valuable information. If you wish to get our assisstance, please contact us.


What do I get when I buy domain?

When you buy a domain, you receive the rights over the name of your choice in the web space where people can search for you. In order for your website and emails to function properly, the domain has to be properly set up and its dns records should lead to the correct server address.

Обновление на домейн

After a domain is bought it has to be renewed every year otherwise it will cease to be active. We can carry out the renewal service for you as the prices are the same like the ones for domain purchase. For more information please contact us.